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Planning Permission Applications Consultant

Planning Permission Consultancy in Dublin

Planning permission and knowing the legislation is vital to any project. That is why speaking to a Vincent Brady Planning Consultant Engineer Engineer first is important, Vincent Brady can inform the client of what is involved in the planning process. Our relationship and knowledge with planners and the planning process enables good communication and the right result for our clients.

Vincent Brady Planning Consultant Engineer carryout all aspects of planning permission to county council requirements and the development plan. Our understanding and experience of the planning process and new regulations is the foundation of our practice.

Vincent Brady can draft proposals in conjunction with clients brief and request a Pre-Planning Meeting with Planners to discuss the proposed development so the Planner may advise on certain aspects of the project that may require reviewing.

Vincent Brady Planning Consultant Engineer speciality is applying for one off dwelling houses in rural areas in which we have vast experience in relation to Local Needs i.e. individuals with intrinsic links to the area can apply ie were reared in the area or want to come back into the area. We put in order the drawings and design and prepare the application and carry out the Percolation Test to EPA Guidlines.

Types Of Planning Permission Applications

Planning Permission, Retention Permission, Outline Permission, Change of Use.

Time Frame For A Planning Application

Vincent Brady Planning Consultant Engineer will take on the full process of design and application from a dwelling house to extension to commercial enterprise.

Before the application is lodged an advert is placed with a local paper that is approved by the council. When the advert is placed there is a time frame of two weeks to lodge the application.

When the application is lodged to the planning section of any county council it is validated and a period of 8 weeks under planning law must go through before a decision is reached. 4 weeks after the initial decision is realised the final decision is posted to the consultant handling the application.

Planning permission applications in Dublin

There Are Three Outcomes For Planning Permission Applications

Grant Decision

This is where the council are in favour of the development and decide to grant. Every decision to grant is accompanied with conditions of planning that a development must comply with in order for an appointed consultant to issue a Certificate of compliance at successful completion of works.

Commencement Notice

This is where the decision after the final four weeks of the planning is granted the client must give 14 days notice to the planning authority to commence works in the form of a one page application in where all councils have there own template.

Further information

The council’s planner may require more information in the form of a specialist report, clarification of submitted information, request a change in the design, omit or add in a design change. Usually if the information is dealt with properly, this can lead to a decision to grant permission.

Refusal Of Planning Permission

The council’s decision may be based on the development plan or not in keeping with the zoning of the area. Reasons will be listed from correspondence from the council outlining the issues. In some situations these may be reviewed by the consultant and client and a further application can be submitted.

On the advice of the consultant a further option of appealing to An Board Pleanla to overturn the council’s decision may be required.

For more information on our experience and details of how Vincent Brady Planning Consultant Engineer can assist you, please call 01 627 3195 / 087 417 1937 or email us at

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