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Consulting Structural Engineers

Structural engineering in Dublin

Vincent Brady Structural Engineers can carry out a detailed structural design for any aspect of residential and commercial projects. We carry out design from Dwelling Houses and Extensions to Offices, Industrial Units and refurbishments.

Structural analysis and design is carried out from architectural drawings. From the architectural drawings a set of working/construction or structural drawings are produced for tender stage and are available for construction stage.

The consulting structural engineers harmonize architectural design in a cost effective manner keeping the contractor and client’s budget in mind. Vincent Brady Structural Engineers are competent in the design of Reinforced Concrete, Structural Steel, Timber and Masonry. The consulting engineers are proficient in the design of diverse types of building elements including: Foundations in form of Strip Footings, Raft Foundations, Structural Floor Slabs, Steel and Reinforced Concrete Beams and Columns, Walls, Roofs, Underground Basements and Holding Tanks.

Vincent Brady Consulting Engineers currently design one off beams and carry out the sign off and certification for extensions and renovations ie designs of beams where client requires removal of internal or external walls to create a more user friendly functioning dwelling.

Structural Engineers Structural Reports

Structural engineering consultants in Dublin

Vincent Brady Consulting Structural Engineers will carry out surveys and inspections to one off individual dwelling houses issue or issues to an existing structure. We also carry out structural surveys/ inspection for existing dwellings at pre purchase stage.

A detailed visual survey that encompasses every part of the building and its boundaries is vital for a purchaser. Our years of experience enable us to recognize and emphasize defects, structural or otherwise, that might inhibit a sale or which might require further consideration.

Vincent Brady consulting engineers makes a commitment to every customer in delivering a survey in a timely and prompt manner.

Solicitors recommend their clients when purchasing a property, be it first time or moving up the ladder to engage an Engineer that carries out such work to carry out a visual examination of the property and complete a report?

In the current economic climate purchasers find it difficult to justify a paying a fee for such a service. That is why we at Vincent Brady Consulting Engineers will discuss the merits of conducting such a service. Issues that are dealt with within the survey are what the components of the building are and if there are any shortcomings i.e. structural cracking, damp, infestation to timbers, poor roofs and flashings are brought to the attention of the client.

It is fair to state that any major shortcomings that vendors do not want to address should reflect in the negotiating before it is sale agreed.

Types Of Reports That Vincent Brady Consulting Structural Engineers Carry Out

  • Structural Surveys and Reports:
  • Monitoring of Cracking.
  • Settlement.
  • Subsidence.
  • Damp.
  • Water Ingress.
  • Flood Damage.
  • Poor Workmanship by Builders.
  • Fire Damage.
  • Inspections for Insurance Claims.
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