Are you seeking a structural engineer in Dublin, or anywhere in Ireland?

By Vincent Brady

There is a lot more involved when buying a property than just the legal aspects. Everyone knows they need to use a solicitor because it requires specialist knowledge and training. So does construction, renovation or altering a property, regardless of whether it’s a commercial or domestic building. Prospective purchasers need to know if the property is structurally sound. Contractors need to be aware of the building and planning regulations and ensure everything they do is compliant with them. Altering a property could need planning permission and obtaining this can be a nightmare for the layperson. These are just a few examples of how a good structural engineer in Dublin can assist with projects of all shapes and sizes.

Do you need help from a structural engineer in Dublin for planning permission?

Dublin is no different to the rest of Ireland when it comes to planning permission and you will need to apply if you are:

  • Construction of any type of new development. It could be a single house or a whole estate. Commercial buildings, monuments, playgrounds and any other type of structure that is totally new will need planning permission.
  • Some extensions to buildings need planning permission, especially if the extension involves adding extra floors.
  • If you want to change the use of a building from domestic to commercial, or vice versa, you will need to apply for planning permission to do so.

As with all rules and regulations there are exceptions where planning permission does not apply, but you need to be certain whether you need it or not. A development that needs it and does not get the required permissions can be legally removed.

A structural engineer in Dublin will be able to deal with the minefield of paperwork involved in obtaining planning permission. They will work with you to make sure the plans submitted are exactly to your requirements, while at the same time advising you of things they know will be refused. They will keep you informed of the progress of your application, so you are always aware of the status of your project.

You should get your property checked out by an expert structural engineer in Dublin

Whether you are building a new property or investing in an older one, you need to know that it is, or will be, structurally sound.

For new properties a structural engineer in Dublin will produce the required plans ready for construction. They will be knowledgeable about which materials will be best, which will last the longest, and which will be pleasing to the eye. At the same time, they will take the budget for the project into account, as this is always an important consideration for any development. With a new development, there are also external things to consider, such as drainage, roads, pathways, driveways and general civil engineering.  Civil engineering is a speciality all of its own, but if you use a good structural engineer in Dublin, there will be civil engineers as part of the team.

If you are investing in an older property, regardless of whether it is for you to live or to run a business from, you will want to know that there are no hidden problems within the walls, roof, foundations or any other part of the buildings structure. This is where a structural engineer in Dublin can help, as they will know how to find any issues that are not immediately visible to the naked eye. Finding any problems after you have signed on the dotted line can be very costly and any issues are best found before you progress that far.

Do you have a subsidence problem with your property?

Subsidence of a property can be caused by several different things. It could be because the original construction was not up to standard and the structure has faults. Nearby vegetation, such as trees, may be the problem, or perhaps heavy rains that have created floods have caused the soil below your foundations to move.

Whatever the cause, the sooner the effects of subsidence are dealt with the better. It can be a difficult problem to deal with, but a professional structural engineer will have the knowledge to assist you in getting it put right.

Could a structural engineer in Dublin be your expert witness in court?

There are many reasons why a property dispute could end up in a court of law, or maybe you’ve been injured because of a problem with someone’s property. Whatever the reason, if you find you have to go to court to fight something like a boundary dispute or believe you are entitled to personal injury compensation, an expert witness could be the deciding factor in whether you win your case.

It is not unusual for a structural engineer to appear in such court cases, often being employed by insurance companies and solicitors. They are so highly qualified that their opinions matter and what they have to say is usually taken into consideration in the court’s ruling.

Where to find a structural engineer in Dublin

It really doesn’t matter what your property issue in Ireland is, or if you are developing new structures, at Banrach Consulting Engineers we have you covered. Our team of experts deal with everything in this field and with more than 15 years’ experience, we have the knowledge, expertise, and experience you want on your side.

If you are seeking a structural engineer in Dublin, make us your first port of call. You will quickly discover that we know how to deal with your issues but will also explain them to you in a way you will understand. We will not talk to you in technical terms, as we want you to know exactly what is happening and will work with you to get the desired outcome.

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